Services and Spare parts.

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On-site services

Preventative maintenance service.
Machine repairs and rebuilds.
Engine systems testing.
Air conditioning charging and service.
Hydraulic pressure and flow testing.
Hydraulic hose repair and manufacturing.
General electrical and hydraulic fault finding.
Machine condition assessment used by banks and leasing houses.
Operator training.

Workshop services

All of the on-site services.
Major welding and cutting operations.
Machine rebuild and overhaul.
Paint spraying.

Spare parts

Indmec Limited holds stock parts in the U.K., Slovenia and in Croatia which are shipped to plants in south East Europe to cut machine downtime. In addition Indmec has transport partners for urgent next day supplies, seven day orders and monthly stock orders.
Indmec takes shipments from the USA regularly into our central store also shippments can be sent directly to the customer from the manufacturer to save time and additional transportation costs.

Indmec Ltd provides service in various forms, on-site and workshop service for construction and industrial machines, along with various makes of tractors.