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Mobile vacuum systems enable all kinds of waste management and fulfill all materials handling requirements regardless whether it is wet or dry.

Regardless of its consistency, any material that is capable of fitting into an 8” hose can be handled by vacloaders. The design provides unique usability with the highest performance exceeding 90% vacuum efficiency and delivering up to 200 kW of suction power. The powerful suction capacity makes it possible to transport material long distance, both horizontally and vertically through hoses and piping systems. The modern rotary pump’s capacity of up to 10 000 m3/h combined with the unique filter and an overall design to reduce the internal resistance in the machine, all adds up to an outstanding performance.


Semi-mobile diesel powered vacloader equipped with built-in hydraulic tipping system. It can be towed/connected to i.e. a tractor.

It is perfect for handling both wet and dry materials and most often used in industrial applications where collection of dust is required. Semi-mobile vacuum systems are powerful yet compact self-contained units providing high levels of vacuum that can vacuuming fine dust and waste up to 40 mm. Most of these units are designed to easily be transported with the help of a crane, forklift or tractor. If you already have a fixed pipe system in your different work areas/buildings, you simply connect the semi-mobile suction unit wherever it is needed at the moment. However, a semi-mobile vacuum system can also run by itself, without connecting it to a pipe system. This solution is very suitable for specific occasions, emergencies or breakdowns.


Stationary vacuum systems are a brilliant way to make waste removal faster, easier and more efficient.

We make a custom-made solution to integrate the fixed centralized vacuum system into existing or new buildings. There are wide range of stationary vacuum systems for cleaning up dust as well as for transporting or recycling of process material spillage. We provide all the elements for building a central vacuum cleaning system: Vacuum Units, Filter Separators, Pre-Separators, Pipe Systems and all associated Cleaning Equipment.


Cleaner and more efficient production with a reduced maintenance cost.